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We want to see a world where all people in our regions have the same opportunities to get support when they need it, realise their potential through learning, and participate in sport and creative activities. We want to see a world where we care for the environment and climate so future generations can thrive.

We fund community organisations across our four regions working to reduce barriers, providing support to those in need and acting to benefit our environment and climate. 

We support communities now and into the future - by providing a community investment approach which provides options and flexibility and builds respectful relationships and partnerships with everyone we work with under the korowai of Te Tiriti.

In line with our purpose we focus our funding in five key areas of Learn, Support, Connect, Participate and Sustain. You can find our funding priorities and criteria under each of these funding areas.

Even if you have applied to us before, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions — this section covers questions about our criteria and the application process.

What do we mean by barriers to access or need?

We aim to enable an equitable society by removing barriers to access or supporting people in need. People may experience need throughout their lives or for a short period. We can’t always predict what those needs might be, for example a community experiencing a natural disaster may have specific needs for a time. We ask people to tell us what their particular needs are.

Barriers to access or need may be experienced by people based on the following:

  • Low socio-economic status.
  • Gender or sexual orientation.
  • Disability/accessibility/chronic health conditions.
  • Mental health challenges including people with addiction.
  • Culture or ethnicity.
  • Isolation – for example rural or other isolation.
  • Age – in most cases this will be the under 25s and those over 65.
  • Any other specific vulnerability or disadvantage where there is evidence of need.

We fund five key areas...


We place importance on the great start in life provided by quality education, post school learning and the need to support people as they move through the different stages of life. We recognise learning as a pathway for individuals, families and whānau to reach their potential.

Funding for Learn


At times, people need support to overcome challenges, build self reliance and resilience, and for some people long term support is needed. We recognise that when people are well supported, they have a better opportunity to participate positively in the community.

Funding for Support


Healthy communities have opportunities for people to interact, form relationships and share experiences. We recognise social connections can help to reduce isolation and build resilient communities.

Funding for Connect


Taking part in sport, recreation and cultural activities can help people to lead fulfilling lives. We recognise people participating in their communities can have benefits for our health and wider community wellbeing.

Funding for Participate


Communities play an important role in enhancing our natural environment and reducing adverse environmental impacts for future generations. We also aim to strengthen communities by supporting the capacity, capability and sustainability of community organisations.

Funding for Sustain

Apply for Funding

We only accept applications from not-for-profit organisations. We look at the outcomes you are trying to achieve and how they align with our funding priorities.

Where we fund

Kei hea e putea ana e tatou

We support organisations who work in these four regions. If your organisation is based outside our region we can consider projects that can demonstrate they will be of benefit to our region.


  • Tasman District Council
  • Nelson City Council


  • Marlborough District Council
  • Kaikoura District Council


  • Hurunui District Council
  • Waimakariri District Council
  • Christchurch District Council
  • Selwyn District Council

Chatham Islands

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“I have my grant… what happens next?”

Congratulations on receiving a grant. Now your project or programme really gets underway. Whatever stage you are at, we are here to help along the way.