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How to Use the Portal

Welcome to our Rātā Foundation portal!

The portal will give you greater visibility of the funding process. You will be able to view applications in progress, grants and payments and complete the post-grant survey all in one place.

In order to help you get to know the portal we have compiled some handy tips below. While you are completing the form there are also lots of tips along the way.

If you have difficulties, using the portal our Community Investment Team are here to help, please call us on 0508 266 878.


    • Save your work regularly, as the forms do not auto-save.
    • Click on ‘Save and Continue’ to keep working, click on ‘Save and Close’ to leave the application

    • When you are ready to submit, click on ‘Save and Close’ then ‘Submit’ in the bottom right of your screen. Check that your application has moved into the ‘Submitted Applications’ section in the left-hand menu. You should receive an email within 1-2 working days. If you don’t hear anything, please get in touch. 

    • Be careful not to use the back button to navigate as it will take you out of our portal and you will have to log back in.
    • Using Google Chrome as your internet browser is recommended.
    • When we have updates for you, a notification icon as an orange circle appears next to the area with an update waiting.
    • Click on the cog wheel icon at the bottom of the menu to log out or change your password.
  • If you are not registered under our new system in place April 2018, you will need to register.

    A registration is linked to a person and not an organisation.

    Click here to register.

  • Reset or change your password here. Please note you may be locked out for a short period of time if you have used the incorrect password five times.

  • If you are new to Rātā Foundation or have changed your bank account, you will need to send us documentation to confirm your bank account name (which should match your organisation name), account number and proof that the account is fully functional. You can send us this as a scanned or online copy via email or in the mail.

    Documentation to confirm this includes:

    1. A New Zealand bank statement or print out showing your customer name, bank account number and at least one deposit and one withdrawal of differing amounts. OR
    2. A letter from the bank showing your customer name, bank account number and clearly states the account is fully functional or active.
  • To prevent people having their accounts overwritten applicants are only able to amend; the salutation, email address and work/day time phone numbers.

    • To update contact details go to the ‘People’ title in the left hand menu.
    • Select the record you wish to update and click on the EDIT button at the top right hand corner.
    • If a person is listed and no longer involved with your organisation please email through to and we will have the person removed.
    • If you wish to add an additional person to your organisation's records please follow the registration process on our website
    • Go to the Organisation Information on the left side menu. You will see the greyed out text at the top. This is your saved data.
    • Below that you will be able to view or edit your organisation’s details and any of your organisation’s documentation. Click the ’Edit’ button at the top right hand corner and remember to click on ‘Save and Continue’ to keep working, click on ‘Save and Close’ to close.
    • To view or edit your personal information select People in the menu. Find out how we look after your information in our Privacy Policy.
  • When you login to your Portal, you will be able to review previous applications you have made. If the application was approved you will find it under the Grants heading, otherwise they will be under the Application heading on the left hand menu.

  • In the application, you will see the grey area with this question. You need to click on the green + in the right-hand corner. This opens the locations tree. You then select to the areas you deliver in. For example, you may deliver across Marlborough, or specifically in Blenheim.

    If you are applying on a laptop or iPad, you may need to zoom out on your browser to view the green +. To do so, press “ctrl -".

  • I have an email advising me of the decision.

    You will find your decision letter by selecting Grants Approved or Declined Applications in the menu. Please look at the Documents section at the bottom of your application.

    My grant has been approved. What happens next?

    All approved applications waiting payment can be found under Grants Approved in the menu. They will stay here until all conditions are met. This includes waiting for your organisation to log in and complete our standard Terms and Conditions.

    How do I complete Rātā Foundation’s Terms and Conditions?

    You will find the Terms and Conditions documentation for Rātā Foundation in the menu under Terms and Conditions to Complete. These need to be submitted before we can make payment.

    • We require our Terms and Conditions to be authorised by your organisation’s Chairperson, President or equivalent head of governance board.
    • The bank account needs confirming.
    • You need to click on Submit.
    • Read above to find out what to do if your bank account is changed.

    I want to view an application I have received a grant for.

    Once a grant is paid, a read-only version is available to view under Grants Paid in the menu.

    Our application was declined.

    You can view a read-only version of declined applications by selecting Declined Applications from the menu. Find out more about why some applications are declined.

  • Reports to Complete

    As part of our Terms and Conditions for your grant, you may be required to complete reports. We will notify you in your decision letter if this is the case. You will receive an email notification when this is due. You will be able to log in, complete and submit the report by selecting Reports to Complete from the left side menu.

    Submitted Reports

    You can view a read-only version and print a copy of any of your organisation’s reports under Submitted Reports from the left side menu.

    Application Feedback Survey

    We’d love to hear from you about how you found our application processes. You will be able to edit, save and submit an Applicant Feedback Survey by selecting Surveys to Complete from the left side menu.

    Post-Grant Survey

    If you have been approved a grant within the last 12 months you will receive an email requesting that you complete a Post-Grant Survey. You will be able to edit, save and submit the Post-Grant Survey by selecting Surveys to Complete from the left side menu.

    Find out more about the questions we ask in the Post-Grant Survey on our website at reporting and learning about your project.

    Submitted Post-Grant Surveys

    Once you have completed and submitted any surveys, a read-only version can be viewed and printed from Submitted Surveys in the left side menu.

  • Scheduled Payments

    Once the Terms and Conditions for your application have been completed, Rātā Foundation will schedule a payment for your grant. Any scheduled payments will be listed under Scheduled Payments in the menu until they are paid.

    Payments Completed

    Once a payment is made, you can view a record of the payment under Payments Completed in the left side menu.

  • If you are associated with multiple organisations, please select the appropriate organisation from the drop down list available at the top of the menu.

    • If your account is already linked to them, delete the name from the below box and start typing the name of the relevant organisation. The full name should appear as a drop-down option - click on it. Click on Save and Continue and the name at the top of the application will change.
    • You will need to type the legal name of the organisation, as this is what it will be listed as.
    • If your account is not already linked to the organisation you want to apply for, you will need to register here.